Monday, January 02, 2006

Press Release: Web Ad Launched for Homeless Candidate



ANCHORAGE, ALASKA, Jan 2 - Republican candidate, Thomas Lamb on January 1, 2006 launched a web ad that plays off of the cardboard signs that you see being used by the homeless for the purpose of panhandling.

The banner ad looks like a cardboard sign with the words " Will work for campaign contributions. Homeless candidate needs House Seat. Accepting contributions less than $100.00." The words look to be as if they were written by hand and with a marker.

According to the candidate, he came up with the idea after seeing an opinion article written in the local newspaper about the homeless panhandling for money.

The ad is a play on words and Thomas said, "I am not the incumbent so I'm homeless, it's a House Seat."

He feels too much emphasis is placed on how much money a candidate has and not enough on the ideas.

However, he still agrees that money is needed to get the candidate's message out. When speaking about the need for money, Thomas said, "the reality is you need money to run a campaign and I tried to think up a way to go "begging" for money."

To get the message out, Thomas decided to take a risk and advertise on the popular local radio "shock jock" duo, Bob Lester and Mark Colavecchio's website. The website is not what you would consider the typical place you would find a candidate advertising.

The website is geared to the younger age group and has a "shock and awe" format. The website does have some political tones to it where there is a moose that has a link to registar to vote.

Because of the risks involved, Thomas said" There is no doubt in my mind that this banner will offend some and some will think it is a joke and this campaign is a joke. But others may think it is inventive and creative."

Thomas further states, "For the cost of adverstising, this was a bargain and the potential to get the message out is worth the risk."

He will see what the response is and accordingly will consider placing ads on other websites.

The banner ad can be seen at Bob and Mark's website at


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