Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Russians Are Coming to Alaska: Maybe

Remember all of the talk about a tunnel from Russia to Alaska - one Leftist blogger who lacks an intelligent design, thought Oh Boy that's a great idea for Alaska's economy.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Political Question: If Orly Taitz Was Secretary of State of California?

The Obots have been keeping score on the loses of the so-called birther cases in court. Many of the cases were dismissed for lack of subject jurisdiction.

The legal reason - the political question doctrine.

The Ninth Circuit has taken up the issue of whether the court has jurisdiction to settle a dispute if a candidate for the presidency is eligible.

The case is  Peta Lindsay, et al v. Debra Bowen.

You can listen to the oral argument here and the opening question from the Court is where their decision is heading and the lawyer for Lindsay sounds exactly like the Obots argument and he cited case law which is meaningless.

He admitted she was less than 35 years old.

The direction of the Court is heading the same direction as I argued in my case against the president.

Could you imagine if Orly Taitz was SOS of California and kept the birther Barack Obama off the California ballot using California election laws?

And since Congress is a Republican majority - the Obot's head would be spinning - screaming all along the court has to settle the dispute.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

It's A Public Right to Know: Lamb v Obama

Here is the link to the oral argument that was before the Alaska Supreme Court.

While the Obama supporters continue to call this a birther case, the case was never about the president being born in Kenya.

In 2008, I wrote about his adoption.

Unfortunately, litigants like Orly Taitz have muddied up the legal landscape with poorly argued cases that rendered poorly thought out legal decisions that are used as case decisions to bolster more poorly crafted decisions.

It has now become a nightmare to litigate in a court, an argument that can break through the idiocy that has been laid by Taitz and enshrined in court decisions.

In the oral argument you will hear how the DOJ under Eric Holder misrepresented the fact that Barack Obama's own campaign admitted he held a dual citizenship (side bar: Ted Cruz is in the Left's sights) in court documents.

So while Justice Winfree focused his questioning on if I could sue a judge or Governor Parnell and Joe Miller's employment records, the fact of the matter is: the Alaska court can order the release of the college and birth records of the president.

That is a legal fact.

How the Alaska Supreme Court rules on your right to know what the facts are? That question will soon be answered.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Russian Visits Dropped From Traffic Stats

Russia was the top foreign country that visitors came from - now the stats went Kapoof - Now the Ukraine is top dog.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

To the Honorable Judge Wingate

To the Honorable Judge Wingate,

I have been following the cases that have moved through the courts dealing with the birth of the President. As such, I have paid close attention to both sides of the argument.

What struck me odd recently was after my oral argument at the Alaska Supreme Court, I met a fellow in the elevator at the Alaska Supreme Court who frequents a site called Fogbow. This individual told me that you were going to issue a ruling the 22nd. This was told to me on the 15th.

I came across Orly Taitz's recent post ( ; and found that you were disparaged by an anonymous individual and it revolved around a ruling that was going to be issued on the 22nd.

I found it coincidental that I was told the same by the individual who wrote about the oral argument in the captured screen shot. I found it interesting Mr. Tepper's name was mentioned. See attachment.

While I don't agree with Taitz on many legal  issues revolving the president, it seems that courts are being disparaged ( while the DOJ in one case misrepresented evidence in a "birther" case by telling the court at no time did the President hold a Kenyan/US citizenship while the Obama campaign a year earlier had stated on its Fight the Smears site that indeed he held a dual citizenship until 1983.

This was briefed in my arguments before the Alaska Courts ( part of Excerpt of Record 25 -  and the misrepresentation can be seen at Para 20 at (

The statement to the contrary can be seen at ( since the campaign pulled the info from the web. But the screen shot exists at (

Moreover, in the Strunk case, it was stated by the Department of State that the president never held an Indonesian citizenship when there are records to the contrary. See para para 20 in answer.

It is important that the court not be disparaged and it be the guardian of the truth and facts.

I am prepared to file an affidavit indicating that I was told that in effect you had a decision prepared for the 22nd.


Thomas Lamb

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Oral Argument Alaska Supreme Court Lamb v Obama

Yesterday the Alaska Supreme Court held the oral argument in my case against President Obama.

First some janitorial work (clean up the BS on the internet) must be attended to - according to Great Grey an Alaskan icon in legalese who has a dual identity but hangs his head in an elevator and doesn't like to look you in the eye but put his two cents in.

Here is what took place without the GreatGrey the BS.

The questions and answers were between Justice Winfree and myself and one exchange dealt with his statement that the Alaska Dispatch Joe Miller case revolved around local documents.

This statement was borne out of my statement that the Alaska Dispatch stated in brief the public/voter has a right to know what the facts are that surround a public official.

Even the Court has supported that - so his statement was turned to an issue that required and answer and that was if it was a case of paternity - the documents (like a birth certificate) from another state could be requested.

After the answer, he moved to ask if I could sue Judges - I looked at the Justices and stated yes - reason: after all they were elected by the voter - he then moved to ask if I could sue Governor Parnell - I answered yes - reason: again he is elected by the voter. 

He did ask if I was representing the public - I indicated that I had citizen/taxpayer standing and that I am affected by Obamacare, etc, etc,  and that the public had an interest in this case.

One important point 

It was pointed out that an affidavit states the President went to college as a foreign student. And that the Indonesian constitution barred the President from holding a dual citizenship. Implication is fraud had been committed by the President if he did enroll himself in college as a foreign student.

This case was argued in a manner that it is a Catch 22. I would be surprised if they issue a published ruling.

Interestingly, there was one suit in the audience and he was not part of the crazy fringe that hang out at Fogbow. Who was he? No answer.

As for my conversation with GreatGrey - I can understand why he hides behind an anonymous when he likes to attack people. His lack of strength to look you in the eye and look at the ground was telling.

Too bad.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The @polarvortex Sweeps Across @TheWhitehouse

+The White House tweeted about the #polarvortex and how climate change is moving us forward.

There are pictures of Niagara Falls frozen -god-for-bid a sign of the future of climate change.

However, the great freeze of 1911-1912 shows a picture of Niagara Falls frozen.

Elections have consequences. Unfortunately, you can't go backwards and conduct an election again.