Thursday, September 04, 2014

The Founding Framers of Alaska's Constitutional Convention Were Not All Sons of Alaska

For anyone to criticize U.S. Senate Candidate Dan Sullivan of being an Outsider or an Ohioan, is to mock the founding framers of Alaska's constitutional convention.

Vic Fisher - came from Outside not born in Alaska nor considered a son of Alaska as Mark Begich likes to portray himself. 

Robert Roland Armstrong - came from Outside, not born in Alaska -

Dorothy J. Awes - came from Outside, not born in Alaska

Lucien "Frank" Barr - came from Outside, not born in Alaska

Go through the list of delegates who were born in Alaska - you will find a few like Bill Egan, Jack Coghill and Ada Wein, but you will find many who were not.

So Begich needs to keep his mouth shut about being the son of Alaska and using his father's name as a political maneuver.

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Candidates for Senate are not to be criticized. We have a lack of acceptance for nearly anything. Thanks for the article. Keep us updated!