Saturday, September 06, 2014

Religion and Patents

Mother Jones has a bogus study trying to equate religion and education.

While Universities in the US have come up with bogus studies on public vs private schools, a study in Canada which is not considered a religious country, shows how Catholic schools compare against public schools.
One is a Catholic school, for instance. And it’s scoring significantly higher than the other on Ontario’s standardized EQAO tests.

The trend isn’t isolated, as this Spectator analysis of EQAO scores at more than 140 local elementary schools shows.

From one end of Hamilton to the other, Catholic schools are achieving higher pass rates on standardized tests than nearby public schools, despite being part of a single, publicly funded provincial education system designed to level the playing field for all kids.
 As for patents issued in 2013 the US had 147666 patents China had 6597 - the study is clearly bogus.

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