Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Alaska Governor Wannabe Bill Walker Speaks From Two Vaginas

You can find how Governor wannabe Bill (war on women) Walker feels about a conservative woman's vagina and a liberal woman's vagina.

Here Bill Walker states according to potty mouth Mudflats who is a liberal woman:

Reproductive Choice

When asked what he’d say to pro-choice Alaskans who feel they no longer have an advocate, Walker said, “I believe in the laws as are. I am not going to change anything on social issues. I’ve made that clear throughout that’s not what brings me to the campaign.” He has said he would veto any measure coming to him which further restricts a woman’s rights.
Here Bill Walker if he had a vagina would be considered a conservative woman when he states:

Q: Under what circumstances, if any, should abortions be permitted or funded under state law?

I am pro-life but the reason I am running for governor is to grab the reins and steer Alaska from financial ruin. I will follow a long line of pro-life governors. The Alaska Legislature has had a conservative Republican majority in recent years that has grappled with this issue. It is not on my radar screen to introduce new legislation in this area.

As for Alaska being in a financial ruin- if he is elected Governor, he will turn Alaska into one Big Detroit.

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