Saturday, January 03, 2015

Sarah Palin Screwed the Pooch

First for those on the Left - you're idiots because you support an idiot in the office of the president and are hypocrites as pointed out with Ellen DeGeneres's silence on a pic of a young child stepping on a dog's back.

However, its expected of the Left - now to Palin and her silence is consent with John McCain - not one word of criticism towards John McCain - her silence doesn't stop there - her silence with her bud the newly elected Gov of Alaska Bill Walker, the guy that has expanded Obamacare's Medicaid to include the cost of abortions, then you have her putting a service dog training facility in the spotlight.

I see these dogs being trained at our place at work weekly and I will tell you the trainers would not put that dog in that type of position. You can see by the photo when one foot is placed on the dog's back, that the dog is looking at someone who is giving the dog directions.

I have seen these dogs with families who are in the military and have autistic children and I can tell you that when the child climbs on the dog, that is a no no - the  parent quickly instructs the child to not climb on the dog and with good reason.

These dogs are highly trained to detect dangerous situations not trained to be used as a stepping-stool.

Her latest attempt on her Facebook page really shows her immaturity when she tries to shift focus and use her own lack of common sense as a foil to attack the lack of common sense of her critics on the Left.

And to those who support Palin, you are enablers to a behavior that has brought the spotlight on a agency that has been put unwittingly in the public spotlight.

You folks are no different than the idiots on the Left.

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