Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sarah Palin's Spite Comes Home to Roost in Alaska

The not too commonsense conservative Sarah Palin endorsed the not too bright Bill Walker in this past 2014 Alaska Gubernatorial election.

In a close race, and with the help of Democrats, the not too bright Bill Walker won by a narrow margin.

What I fount interesting with Palin's endorsement was while the not too commonsense conservative Sarah Palin was attacking Obama on Obamacare, her choice for Alaska governor Bill Walker was embracing the medicaid expansion found in Obamacare.

The medicaid expansion that the Susan B Anthony List fought diligently against.

  • Medicaid Expansion – The Affordable Care Act incentivizes states to expand their Medicaid programs for the poor by raising the eligibility limits for lower-income residents based on family size and structure. 
    • Slightly more than half of the states have chosen to expand their Medicaid rolls and roughly two thirds of these states pay for elective abortions for their Medicaid populations.  As a result, millions of uninsured women in these states will become eligible for state tax-paid abortions as a result of Obamacare. 
    • These state tax funds will be paid directly to providers filing claims and not merely to insurance companies providing the coverage. 
Everyone who was paying attention to the candidates, knew Walker was going to do this and when Walker came out with the expansion, Planned Parenthood let everyone know in a press release.

So there you have it - Palin endorsed a candidate that supported expanding Obamacare.

This comes as no surprise as she continued to support candidates like John McCain and her endorsement of Walker was done out of spite because Parnell smartly eliminated Palin's ACES with SB21.

The irony is Palin gets hit twice by Walker. He's keeping SB21 because it is working and bringing in more revenue than ACES did at the current price of oil and he has sided with a provision in Obamacare.

A provision that the Susan B Anthony List fought against.

One has to ask if Palin will be invited to speak at a breakfast with the group and explain her endorsement of Walker while her spite comes home to roost in Alaska.

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