Saturday, April 29, 2006

The money spigot

Maybe it is just good ole paranoia, but it seems that the Anchorage Daily News has an agenda.

The headlines.........................................

Oil revenue helps inflate budget bill
PUBLIC PROJECTS: Knik crossing, Gravina Island bridge will see funds.

Am I missing something here. Didn't the federal government give us the money for the bridges?

And another thing, I wish Don Young, Lisa Murkowski and Ted Stevens would remind Senator Mccain that the State of Alaska was to get the larger portion of the royalties, not the federal government, so if anyone has a complaint, it is the State of Alaska.

If the Senator and the other Legislators want to turn the money spigot off to Alaska, then he should work to give Alaska its due on royalties.

And the Anchorage Daily News needs to get it right.

Education funding has increased because of the increase in oil revenues. Transportation funding has increased because, the millions of dollars that was earmarked for the bridges to nowhere, came to a dead end. But like all roads eventually leading to somewhere, the money went to other road projects.

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