Thursday, May 18, 2006

Spin Cycle: Hot Air

The editorial staff at the Anchorage Daily News is using the "Hot Air" Spin Cycle in their latest editorial on Global Warming.

Here is the link.

The hot air quote:

Global warming is real and human activities are a major factor.

Is that so.


VOLCANIC GASES - The most dangerous gases released during an eruption are sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide and hydrogen fluoride. High concentrations of sulphur dioxide injected into the atmosphere by large explosions can result in lung ailments, acid rain, lower surface temperatures and depletion of the earth's protective ozone layer. When carbon dioxide, which is heavier than air, settles in low-lying areas or collects in the soil, it can be lethal to people and animals.

Previously, I posted this entry on Global Warming: A Natural Event.

A compilation of sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide emission-rate data from Cook Inlet volcanoes (Redoubt, Spurr, Illiamna, and Augustine), Alaska during the period from 1990 to 1994 is found here:

Ozone Measuring Instruments

Manam, Papua New Guinea, 27-28 January 2005, Approximately 235,000 tonnes of sulphur dioxide were measured in the eruption cloud.

ALERT BULLETIN, RAOUL ISLAND VOLCANO24 MARCH 2006. The total amount of SO2 released during the eruption and the subsequent 5 hours was at 200 tonnes.


Volcanic emissions of sulfur dioxide have the potential to generate abundant and long-lived atmospheric aerosols. While the climatic effect of stratospheric aerosols generated by large, infrequent eruptions is relatively well known (e.g., McCormick et al., 1995), the impacts on the atmosphere and climate by more common but less explosive events are uncertain. For example, 11 major events by Nyamuragira volcano, Zaire have injected roughly 0.5 Tg/yr over the last two decades (Bluth and Oppenheimer, 2000), compared to roughly 4 Tg/yr by all explosive events (Bluth et al., 1993).

In my previous post, I had written about briefing the crew aboard NASA's DC-8 when it was flying missions to retrieve air samples from the Mt Redoubt and Mt Pinatubo eruptions.

Currently the DC-8 is flying missions over the Pacific supposedly monitoring air pollution from China.

My bet is that NASA is also flying missions to retrieve air samples from the Current Volcanic Activity that is displayed here.

The human factor does not even come close to mother nature's wrath. Look at the the pictures of TOMS and the proof is there. The SO2 from the volcanic activity is showing up, not from human activity.

And Don Young is right, they are full of hot air.

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