Friday, May 12, 2006

A Texas Hold'em "Call"

The Reserve Tax intitiative is an example of a Representative playing the game of poker and politics at the same time.

The Governor in effect made a call on both Croft and Crawford.

First to Crawford's comments.

“The whole reason why we’re here today with even talking about a gas contract is because of our reserves tax that actually helped boost this project along. By giving them the impetus of having $1 billion a year that they may have to pay if they don’t get a project going,” said Rep. Harry Crawford, D-initiative co-sponsor.

Next to Croft's comments.

The governor says he’s willing to debate anyone on the gas pipeline, and Rep. Eric Croft, a Democratic candidate for governor and co-sponsor of the reserves tax initiative, immediately took him up on it. Croft has rented space in a Juneau restaurant for a debate at noon Monday.

Croft is the same guy who said back in 2003, the highway route was dead. So much for being dead. Trust his debating skills?

The governor is dead on right. We will lose it, if the Legislature continues on its path of beating its chest.

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