Monday, July 24, 2006

The Doogan Diet

Well it's time. Today, I started canvassing the District. I expect to shed a few pounds and hopefully gain a few votes and beat Doogan.

I have been driving around the District and had noticed the red Doogan signs popping up and I knew it was time to start going door to door.

So the Doogan Diet has officially started. And man, my legs are sore.

The first part of the District that I am concentrating on is Mike Doogan's Neighborhood. I have just about finished canvassing his neighborhood.

It was interesting to walk and talk. One eldery woman who had a Doogan sign out front was appreciative that I was running. Another man named Charlie had given me his endorsement and stated that "we need new blood." And I will leave it at that on his comments.

People knew me from the school board race and one man had asked if I lived in the neighborhood and jokingly said he thought his neighbors didn't like him because of the Doogan signs nearby.

I replied that I didn't but he said I had his vote. I went to every house and left a brochure. It didn't matter if there was a Doogan sign or not. Or if they were a super voter. Each house got a brochure.

I stopped by Mike Doogan's house and he was busy putting together his campaign signs in his garage. I walked up and introduced myself, we shook hands and briefly talked. I gave him a brochure.

Now Mike has tons of money and he can pay for the signs and the expensive campaigning. I'll just keep printing off black and white brochures and walk and talk. No signs, just a message on a brochure.

And I'll throw in a few radio spots in there for good measure. It doesn't take much money to get the message out.

Just a few dollars, lots of water and the Doogan Diet plan.

Well, some Bengay medicine might be needed too.

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