Thursday, July 06, 2006

Plugging Away

There is a term that falls under the First Amendment. It is called the "Free Press."

Well as you know, Mike Doogan was a member of the ADN team and as such, Mike is well liked by some over at the ADN. (Sheila Toomey)

In the spirit of the First Amendment, I would like to to put the term "Free Press" in its proper place (many places) when it comes to the ADN. (smile)

The clever guys and gals over at the ADN know their First Amendment rights very well and the know the meaning of a "Free Press" or should I say "Free Press."

When writing about Eric Croft, Kyle Hopkins throws Doogan's name in there for good measure.

One person who says Croft has a shot -- a long shot, but still a shot -- is Mike Doogan, who is running for the Spenard House seat Croft leaves behind.

Doogan is a former Daily News columnist and press secretary for legislative Democrats. When Croft's father, Chancy Croft, ran for governor in 1978, Doogan ran the campaign.

Though he wasn't talking about Eric Croft, Doogan said that candidates increasingly see their first statewide race as an investment in name recognition for future elections.

What does Doogan have to do with Croft? And does it really matter. It's not all that bad. Kyle did write a story about the Democrats and their "hole in the wall" (my words). Doogan's name did show up.

Democrats plan to hold a grand opening at the Midtown office on Friday, said the party's Anchorage co-chairwoman, Patti Higgins.

Among the candidates expected to set up shop at the new headquarters are -- deep breath -- Macon Roberts, Lindsey Holmes, Mike Doogan, Harry Crawford, Berta Gardner, Bill Wielechowski, Max Gruenberg, Pat Abney, Ray Utter, Bud Dubay, Darrell Behymer, Valerie Baffone, Johnny Ellis, Chris Tuck, Danny Consenstein and Bob Buch.

There was an article with our names:

Three candidates have filed for Croft's seat, including former Daily News columnist Mike Doogan, a Democrat; Republican Thomas Lamb; and Thomas Higgins, who is running as a Democrat on the heels of a failed run for mayor.

Then there is the Divine Diva, Sheila Toomey.

A HOT ROLE ... At his fundraiser in Juneau on Wednesday, columnist-turned-candidate Mike Doogan had a check pulled from the contributions basket to identify the winner of a special name game. Rep. Harry Crawford, whose check was pulled, will find his name attached to a character in Doogan's next book.

What kind of character? Well, said Doogan, that could depend on whether Harry acknowledges he's still under the contribution limit and fixes that.

Mike is going door-to-door in District 25 and says he's having a great time. The only rule for knocking on doors in Spenard, he said, is "make sure they can always see your hands." Mike's current book, a mystery titled "Lost Angel," is due out Aug. 19.

Another day, another quote..................

EARLY WARNING ... Former ADN columnist and current state House candidate Mike Doogan's first novel, "Lost Angel," has a firm publication date: Aug. 19. In hardback, by Putnam. It's a mystery set in Alaska. And remember, life is too short to wait for the paperback.

Another day, another quote...................

AND IN THIS CORNER ... Well, he's gone and done it. Former ADN columnist Mike Doogan filed Wednesday for the seat in House District 25, also known as Spenard. It currently belongs to Eric Croft, who is relinquishing it to run for governor.

Ear is of course delighted but worries that a lot of good people enter the Legislature only to morph into, well, something not so good.

Yes, said Mike. It's a concern. That's why he decided not to run for the state Senate, he said, where you actually have to hand over your soul as you enter the chamber.

And then there was the begining.

ON THE MOVE ... Mike Doogan, former ADN columnist and current press secretary for the legislative Democrats, is leaving that job at the end of the month. His replacement is Frank Amedure, who starts on Jan. 4. Frank is a former editor of the Frontiersman and was most recently a PIO for the Mat-Su Borough.

Ear asked Doogan whether this is a prelude to filing for Eric Croft's seat in the state House. He said: "Sorry, gotta go. Got a call on the other line."

Or words to that effect.

Now being a celebrity and an ADN columnist (I almost forgot he was an ADN columnist) has its good and its bad. The bad for Mike is that most vistors to this blog are now looking at entries on this site titled "The World According to Doogan."

Trust me.

And since I know it will be a "love fest" between the ADN and Mike, I'll just have to exercise my First Amendment rights.

I will be looking at running radio ads once or twice a day five days a week.

The ads will sound like this:

(My voice)

The following message is brought to you and paid for by the Committee to Elect Thomas Lamb.

(Robin's voice)

Alor's darlings this is Sheila Clue-me from the Alaska Ear Lobe.

Darlings, it seems that the lovable Mike Doogan while pooh poohing the Governor on cutting the longevity bonus, endorsed cutting the longevity bonus himself.

Will Mike Doogan do a flip-flop while courting those senior earwigs who lost their longevity bonus? Earwigs would like to know.

More to come in the World According to Doogan at

I figure if the ADN can play the game, so can I. (smile)

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