Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hitting the Airwaves

The following is a one minute radio ad that will be airing next week.

Hi this is Thomas Lamb,

This election can set a new direction for the educational system in Alaska. According to the school budget figures for FY 2006-2007, schools in House District 25 see less than 50% of the monies earmarked for students making its way into the classroom. The costs include PERS/TRS and the operational costs for the schools.

Added to this, the school district spends over 19 million dollars on delivering 1-2 million dollars worth of special education services.

The question has to be asked of people like Democratic Party Chairman Jake Metcalfe, Representative Croft or other Democratic candidates. Where is the money going?

Its time for a change, its time to let the parents /teachers and principals in each school make the budget. Its time to take the bureaucrats and their special interests out of the process.

Because your child’s education is your interest not theirs.

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James said...

I just read through the proposed FY 06-07 budgets for the Anchorage School District, and am confused as to what you're trying to say here. It looks like the school district is providing 19 million dollars of special education to students. What do you mean that it's only delivering 1-2 million dollars of services?