Sunday, December 17, 2006

What is good for Metcalfe isn't good for everyone else

This guy needs the boot. Jake Metcalfe had this to say about Charter Schools.

"My whole problem with charter schools is because we don't provide transportation, they become these little private public schools," he said. "That isn't right for me because public schools are supposed to be for everybody. ... I think it fractures the district. I don't think it's good for education."

This being said about a German immersion Charter School.

The article is here:

And how did his two sons get into the Alternative school at Denali Elementary? By lottery, but with a twist. By race.

So now Jake thinks it a bad idea for parent's to have a choice in their child's education.

It was interesting to read another article on Charter Schools. That article can be found here:

What did Jake have to say then? Nothing.

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