Sunday, December 10, 2006

William Bobrick: A mini-me version of Abramoff?

I have to question the indictment's allegation on "Lobbyist A". Since there is no indictment against "Lobbyist A", two things could be in play.

One, "Lobbyist A" is part of the "sting" or two, "Lobbyist A" has struck a deal with the FBI.

Since, "Lobbyist A" is as it is being reported is Bill Bobrick, one would question what is going on. In 2004, he contributed to the Knowles campaign and he attended a fundraiser for Knowles in September of this year. The "sting" operation was done.

From the Knowles website.

Thu Sep 28, 2006 at 5:30 PM
The home of Kevin Harun 7893 Highlander Drive - Anchorage
Join:Alice Aguilar, Jenny Allen, Virginia Allen, Tom Amodio, Scott Anaya, Jane Angvik, Deeann Apgar, Alan Baldivieso, Sharon Barr, John Bernitz, Sidney Billingslea, Bill Bobrick, Jeannie Bradner, Peggy Burgin, Mark Butler, Polly Carr, Lupe Chavez, Sharon Cissna, Matt Claman, Currey Cook, Mike Coumbe, Emily Creely, Pat Cue, Diane DiSanto, Art Eash, Lisa Eyler, Vic Fischer, Deb Fitzgerald, Susanne Fleek, Melissa Fouse, Hollis French, Peggy French, George Gee, Christian Gou-Leonhardt, Chuck Gunther, Joelle Hall, Kevin Harun, Julie Hasquet, Patty Higgins, Ruth Ann Jennings, Michael Johnson, Johnny Johnson, David Landry, Dick LeFebvre, Martha Levensaler, Suzanne Little, Pamela Marsch, Whitney Marshall, Erika McConnell, Rod McCoy, Brant McGee, Joe McKinnon, Jake Metcalfe, Mary Jane Michael, Nick Moe, Diane Moxness, Beth Nordlund, Jim Nordlund, Theda Pittman, Mara Rabinowitz, David Ramseur, Deb Seaton, Barb Seibel, Meg Simonian, Schawna Thoma, John Toppenberg, Tony Turrini, Randy Virgin, David Wigglesworth, and Deborah Williams at a fund raising reception for Tony Knowles for Governor!
The other issue is, what led the FBI to start the "sting" operation. What was it about Tom Anderson that led them to him ........

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