Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Saviour of our City goes on a shopping spree

Mayor Begich ...... Money, more money, more money. How did the story go on the tax collectors? Render on to Mayor Mark Begich what he thinks is owed ......

For cry'in out loud. Where is the press on this guy? (rhetorical question)

At least there is Dan Fagan chasing the guy around on KFQD.

What about this little gem.

On Anchorage and Mat-Su road projects:

"Eighty-five percent of the goods the rest of the state uses comes from the Anchorage port. It takes as much time to go from the port to Boniface (Drive) as it does from Boniface to Mat-Su."

The fix, Begich said, is a new stoplight-free, freeway-to-freeway route that will link Glenn and Seward highways. The project would create a new interchange at Bragaw Street and eventually put parts of the cross-city route underground. It's a $600 million project, he said, and may cost $800 million before it is complete. Begich is seeking support from Mat-Su residents for the project after Gov. Sarah Palin stripped out state capital funding.

• On the Knik Arm Bridge:

"If that bridge gets built in my lifetime, it may be a miracle."

Where does the Mayor think this money will come from? 800 million dollars for a route to connect with the Seward highway? Mayor the greatest growth is in the Mat Valley. Think about it. The lowest growth in jobs is in construction and Anchorage. Why, because there is no more land to build houses on.

And while we wait for something to happen at Lake Otis and Tudor, the Mayor wants more.

The mayor of Anchorage wants millions from the state Legislature for new and renovated buildings, road work and economic development projects. Specific projects that Mayor Mark Begich has his eye on include $25 million for expanding the Port of Anchorage and a new $18 million fisheries and information learning center near Ship Creek.

Begich's legislative wish list, accepted with minor adjustments Tuesday night by the Assembly, also asks for a $17.5 million expansion of police headquarters, a $10 million museum renovation and a $35 million replacement of the public health building. It also asks for money for improvements to fire stations and parks -- all in city limits.


The mayor is asking for $6.2 million for the Loussac Library, $5.7 million for Sullivan Arena, and $950,000 for the Egan Center.

The request list includes $25 million for the Dowling Road extension from Minnesota Drive to Abbott Loop Road and a $10 million connection between the Glenn and Seward highways, and many smaller road and intersection projects.

Let's wait and see what Hollis French has to say since he was so supportive of Governor Palin's budget.

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