Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wiggle Room

The voters of Anchorage are going to the polls and we will have the task of voting on school bonds. For those of you who don't know, the school district has paid for advertisement for the "instructional purpose" of educating you on the NEED for school bonds.
Why the district needs funding provided by the bonds…
Carol Comeau was on the radio discussing the issue of the advertisement. Carol stated that the advertisement is only for educating you on the NEED for the school bonds. Carol never discussed the NEED for the bonds other than we NEED a new 65 million dollar school which by the way has been debunked by one of the ASD engineers. The same guy that said we did not NEED a new Baxter school or Denali elementary school. How do I know this? The guy told me the costs to renovate versus new construction.
But my lips are sealed on who he is. He needs to retire in a few years.
You have to admire the spin Carol put on. The school district as she said, can not say Yes or tell you to vote yes on the bonds, but she can certainly lay the guilt on you by being engaged in an advertisement that states "Carol why do we NEED the bonds."
Now as you read, you have been subject to the wiggle room in deception. Why? Because my sublime message states that you NEED to vote No on the school bonds.

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