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Hillary Clinton and Ram Ranjan

First there was Norman Hsu, the indicted crook who contributed to many of the Democrats in office to include Hillary Clinton. That post is located here:
Now it seems that she is getting help from a man named Ram Ranjan. Who is Ram Ranjan?
According to reports out of Sir Lanka it is stated:
Well known activists of a banned terrorist group in the United States are involved in the fund raising activities of the US Democratic candidate Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton.

According to a fundraising web site for the Senator, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) activists are involved in raising funds from 100 Dollars to 2300 Dollars to help elect Senator Clinton as the next United States President. The website could be reached at:
New Jersey residents have expressed the fear, that LTTE or the Tamil Tigers could flush supporters with millions of dollars, to buy influence over the next possible President of the United States of America by infiltrating into democratic fund raising machine.

An email distributed by a female activist, Pat Pathmakumar for the group under the name "Tamils for Clinton" has appealed to contribute for the Clinton fund by sending checks to her or a man named Ram Ranjan, a man who organized the LTTE Heroes day meeting in New Jersey last year. Ranjan has publicly admitted he raised funds for LTTE front, the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO).

The terrorist group, that introduced innovative methods like suicide jackets to many terrorist groups in the world, is listed as a foreign terrorist group by the State Department and the US Federal police , the FBI has alleged that the group had offered to them millions of dollars as bribes to lift the ban. The group is alleged to be using bribes to buy influence in India, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. The money is being earned mostly by fraudulent business, credit card scams, drug running, voluntary fund raising and extortions of the Tamil Diaspora, according to a recent report of the Jane's Defense weekly.

According to the Clinton website, a leading LTTE activist, who came to live in New Jersey in 1994, called Ram Ranjan is one of the fund raisers of the Clinton campaign. Several others who are connected with him are also listed among the fund raisers.

Ram Ranjan has earlier admitted that he had raised funds for the Tamil Tigers front organization called Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) which had raised funds purportedly for humanitarian purposes but actually diverted those funds for terrorist activities from many countries in the world.
The information has been pulled from the site but is still cached on google search.
Official Site of Hillary Clinton for President. ... Nellie Pou, Joan Quigley, Ram Ranjan, Gerald Reiner, Speaker Joe Roberts, Lori Sackler ... - 17k - Cached - Similar pages
Who are the Tamil Tigers? First, they are a terrorist organization that according to recent news accounts, has possibly been aided by North Korea. The congressional report was done as the State Department was thinking about taking North Korea off a list of countries that support terrorist groups.
Report: North Korea May Have Aided Hezbollah and Tamil Tigers
It is well known that the Nepalese Maoists and the Tamil Tigers have aided each other.
Tamil Tigers Train Nepalese Rebels
And just recently, China is making peace with the Nepalese Maoists.
December 5, 2007: Sensing a shift in power, China has made peace with the Nepalese Maoists.
China cements ties with Nepal Maoists
Will the information make it in the mainstream news? We shall wait and see.
Update: Here is a post made by Ram Ranjan on the subject of the Tamils:
Ram Ranjan from NJ, USA on Oct 20, 2006 20:20:43 GMTHi Everyone, I am from New Jersey, USA and I am saddened to see an emotional outburst from my fellow Tamils, in particular slandering Hon.Frank Pallone from New Jersey. In the civilized world, one is required to follow a code of writing ehtics when disagreeing with someone. It is wise for us Tamils to always point out the facts than getting into condemnation. I am very thankfull to Congresman Pallone for acknowledging Tamils right for autonomy in Sri Lanka in a statement on the floor of the US congress a few weeks ago (please see He fully supports the peace procees and an equitable solution to the ethnic conflict. We need to continue to provide him information about the atrocities committed by the armed forces, about the indiscriminate bombings, about the culture of impunity that previals in Sri Lanka. That is how we could make him understand the true nature of the Sri Lankan government. So Please refrain from mud slinging against any elected officials, and engage positively with them to put forward the truth in our struggle for peace and justice in Sri Lanka.

Update II: One press outlet in Canada is starting to investigate the matter. The story is here:
Special investigative report: “Tamils for Clinton”

Clinton fundraising ties to terror group By Doug Hagmann
Saturday, December 15, 2007
On December 4, 2007, we reported that members of the terrorist organization Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), more commonly known as the Tamil Tigers, were arrested in New York for their plot to use stolen credit card numbers and other methods to steal $250,000 in New York “and tens of millions from ATMs worldwide.”
One of the men arrested worked three jobs at Newark Airport as a security agent and baggage handler with complete security clearance. The Tamil Tigers are well known for their use and “perfection” of terrorists’ “suicide belts” and vests, and the use of females as suicide bombers as illustrated in our report published earlier his month.
Further investigation conducted by this investigator of Tamil Tiger activity in the U.S. confirmed published reports that at least one well-known supporter of that terrorist organization, 56 year-old New Jersey resident Ramanathan RANJAN is actively soliciting funds for New York Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton RANJAN, of New Brunswick, NJ was identified as an approved recipient for funds solicited by Pat PATHMAKUMAR through her e-mail campaign containing “Tamils for Clinton” in the subject line. A fund raising event this week in New Jersey at The State Theater in New Brunswick, advertised on Clinton’s web site, offered potential donors tickets ranging from $100 - $2,300, depending
upon seat selection. Although the referral list has been removed from the site, the Northeast Intelligence Network was able to secure a list of referrals that included the names of both RANJAN and PATHMAKUMAR.
[Note: Congressman Frank Palone is on the list and is mentioned by Ram Ranjan in a post he made. See first update]
Notably, RANJAN was an organizer of “LTTE Heroes Day,” an event that praised and eulogized LTTE terrorists and homicide bombers on December 2, 2006. That event was held in the auditorium at the south Brunswick Middle School in New Brunswick, New Jersey. According to reports of the event, the terror group’s flag was raised as those in attendance sang the LTTE anthem.
RANJAN is noted to be the state coordinator of the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO), identified by the US State Department as a front organization of the LTTE.

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