Friday, July 11, 2008

Operation Bobrick Chaos

Take the Alaska Democrat Party for their own words.

"...Alaska Democrats have worked for open government:By supporting the voters' right to choose candidates in an open primary."

As we all know the Alaska Media has been silent on the relationship between Bill Bobrick and Mark Begich. And has focused mainly on Senator Stevens and Bill Allen.

The height of the arrogance of the Begich campaign has shown through in the remarks of Julie Hasquet.

“We’re anticipating the race for this Senate seat is between Mark Begich and Ted Stevens,” said Hasquet, Begich’s spokeswoman.

This is the reason for their request that debates be held between Stevens and Begich even before the results of the Democrat Party.

Maybe it's time to question the media's bias in Alaska by voting for Ray Metcalfe in the Democrat Party.

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