Saturday, August 30, 2008

Troopergate: The Facts on Palin and Trooper Wooten

Here is a copy on an investigation that was conducted on Trooper Wooten.

The internet is filled with rumors and innuendo on this subject. The fact is, Trooper Wotten had a previous record of misconduct and for all opinions, should not have been kept on the force.

His misconduct goes back to 2001.

Andrew Halcro had got a tip and spoke with Trooper Wooten about it. What Halcro did not do is, check all of the bases. I have written about Halcro here.

What isn't being discussed is the fact, Branchflower who was chosen to investigate Palin, has a wife who was a Trooper that conducted an interview on a alleged sexual abuser who fled Alaska.

The Alaska Supreme Court case can be found here.

During Walt Monegan's tenure as APD chief, the following took place. A grand jury indicted Gonzales on sexual abuse and tapes of the interview of Gonzales were lost.

The Alaska Supreme Court never placed a time on when the tapes where lost, but an indictment was handed down when Monegan was APD chief. So the question is what happened during his tenure. Notably Mayor Mark Begich let Monegan go too.

The question should be asked are we dealing with Chief of Police who is not fit to manage?

Gonzales returned to Alaska in December of 2001. WhenAnchorage Police Detective Kristie Neddeau learned that Gonzales was residing in Alaska, she resumed the investigation. In September 2002, the grand jury indicted Gonzales for four counts of first-degree sexual abuse of a minor, two counts of second-degree sexual abuse of a minor, and one count of attempted first-degree sexual abuse of a minor,1 based on Gonzaless alleged abuseof A.D. during 1991 and 1992. In addition, the grand jury indicted Gonzales on three counts of distribution of child pornography and seven counts of possession of child pornography,based on conduct in 2002.2
During the ten-year delay between the beginning of the Gonzales investigation and the indictment against him, the police lost video and audio tapes of interviews Branchflower hadconducted with several witnesses. The police lost tapes of interviews Branchflower had conducted in 1992 with A.D., M.D. (A.D.s younger brother), Gonzales, D.D. (A.D.s mother), Art Costa(Gonzaless ex-father-in-law), Deolinda Gonzales (Gonzaless ex-wife), Andrew Gonzales Jr. (Gonzaless son) and K.G. (a self-professed second victim). Some of the tapes were audio and somewere video, and Branchflower interviewed some witnesses twice. However, the State
provided Gonzales with transcripts of all interviews except the interview with
Gonzales himself. Apparently, that tape was never transcribed.


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