Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dan Fagan/Radio Host/Sometimes Newspaper Columnist

For those of you who don't know Dan Fagan, he is a conservative at heart ( at least that is what he thinks) sometimes talks show host/sometimes columnist.

In today's ADN he penned an opinion piece that shows his weak-side intellect when it comes to gumshoe analysis.

When I ran for school board I had the pleasure of being on Fagan's show. And for the most part, I find Fagan reasonably balanced and sound in his opinions.

But this time, I have to say, Fagan is just plain wrong.

Fagan has always championed himself as the "knight of chivalry" when it comes to women. Fagan opines that Sarah Plain was looking at getting even. It is clear that Fagan left the reservation of the knights of the round table when it comes to knightly chivalry.

Fagan discounts or never mentions Monegan's past with his ex-wife where there is evidence and a record that Moengan had dislocated his ex-wife's shoulder.

Fagan throws out all testimony against Trooper Wooten's behavior by saying Palin wanted to get even.

Sir Lancelot Fagan isn't. He is quick to pronounce a familiar tone taken on by the feminists that lambasted the woman who filed a sexual harassment suit against Bill Cinton.

After all there is a young woman (Molly) who; I have heard from personel who worked at the Job Corp in the valley, was indeed abused by Trooper Wooten. And if taking a strong position against a Commissioner who has a record of abusing an ex-wife and not ensuring the Troopers method for weeding out the bad apples is considered getting even, then evidently the odds were not in Palin's favor as the ultimate boss.

What is even more troubling of Fagan the fallen knight of chivalry is, he seems to have never sought to shed light on Monegan's past on the domestic violence because his (Monegan's) past could very well have clouded his (Monegan's) judgment when it came to Trooper Wooten's behavior.

But Fagan certainly tried on Palin's choice of Commissioner Kopp.


Anonymous said...


When you write the following, (because his past could very well have clouded his judgment) are you saying I have been involved with domestic violence?

Dan Fagan

Tom said...

Dan I was speaking to Monegan's past with the domestic violence issues and it clouding his judgment.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough, I misunderstood.