Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Hollis French showing his true colors in the Palin Witch Hunt

Hollis French the Grand Inquisitor gets the dough.

The Alaska Public Safety Employees Assn donates $1000.00 to his campaign in July 2008

07/03/2008 Monetary $1,000.00 $1,000.00 PUBLIC SAFETY EMPLOYEES ASSN
4300 Boniface Pkwy, Suite 116 Anchorage AK 99504 Anchorage PAC

Who is the executive director of the union? http://www.mcclatchydc.com/100/story/51852.html

The union representing state Trooper Mike Wooten has filed an ethics complaint against Gov. Sarah Palin and members of her administration charging a possible unlawful breach of Wooten's confidential personnel and workers' compensation files

John Cyr, executive director of the Public Safety Employees Association, said Thursday a British media organization has offered Wooten $30,000 for an interview.

Who does Hollis French take money from? None other than Bill Bobrick, convicted lobbyist tied in with the corruption scandal in Alaska.

56 09/30/2004 Monetary 2332 $500.00 $650.00 WILLIAM BOBRICK
3950 Janet Lee Cir Anchorage AK 99516 Anchorage Consultant Self

What about campaign donations from individuals in the same year? https://webapp.state.ak.us/apoc/individ.jsp?filer=FRENCH%2C+HOLLIS&pagesize=20&offset=21

24 07/07/2000 $250.00 GOTTSTEIN, DAVID Anchorage Investment firms 07/12/2000

25 10/26/2000 $500.00 GOTTSTEIN, DAVID Anchorage Investment firms 10/27/2000

30 10/31/2003 $1,000.00 GRAVO, MITCHELL D. Anchorage Political Consultant 12/10/2003

31 10/31/2003 $1,000.00 GRAVO, MITCHELL D. Anchorage Political Consultant 12/10/2003


Sec. 15.13.070. Limitations on amount of political contributions. (a) An individual or group may make contributions, subject only to the limitations of this chapter and AS 24.45, including the limitations on the maximum amounts set out in this section.

(b) An individual may contribute not more than

(1) $500 per year to a nongroup entity for the purpose of influencing the nomination or election of a candidate, to a candidate, to an individual who conducts a write-in campaign as a candidate, or to a group that is not a political party;

Effect of amendments. – The 1996 amendment, effective January 1, 1997, rewrote this section. The 1998 amendment, effective June 4, 1998, added subsection (e). The 2003 amendment, effective September 14, 2003, increased the allowed contributions in subsections (b), (c), and (f) and made stylistic changes.

Enquiring minds would like to know if Gottstein's contributions were returned or if it is just a clerical error.....

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