Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I am woman hear me roar: Palin is roaring loud and clear

First a blast from the past.......


The National Organization for Women’s New York chapter issued a scathing reaction to Sen. Ted Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton. Actually, the word “scathing” feels inadequate here.

Read for yourself: (you have to go to the link to read what they said).

The pièce de ré·sis·tance .


Obama has made gains among those who supported Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Democratic primaries, with 78 percent of women who wanted Clinton to win the nomination now backing him, a new high. But among all voters who supported Clinton, nearly a quarter say they plan to support McCain in November.

What this means is 22 percent of women who supported Clinton will support McCain. Expect this figure to rise slightly among women who supported Clinton. Mainly the older over 50 year old women and some women in the 20 year old range.


Joe C. said...

I believe that should be "loUd and clear."

Tom said...

Joe, thanks corrected.