Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Lipstick Revolution Continues to Move

Women Launch 'Hockey Moms for McCain-Palin' Web Site


ABC News' Jennifer Parker reports: Two self described "hockey moms" launched a web site Tuesday called "Hockey Moms for McCain-Palin" to mobilize women in key battleground states to support the Republican ticket.

Kellie Boyle, 46, of McLean, Virginia and her longtime friend Adrienne Cordova of Philadelphia, Pa., are the co-founders of http://www.hockeymomsformccain-palin.com/

-- a web site targeting women in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia and Ohio
-- key battleground states.

An interesting comment was left on the newly created site: http://www.hockeymomsformccain-palin.com/blog/?p=4?3289ee80

Hurrah for Hockey Moms! Great point on Sleds hockey for special needs players.

600,000 members of USA Hockey - those are just the ones in skates…….THIS year!

Hockey moms are a larger network than the National Organization of Women - which boasts 550,000 abortion lovers.

Interestingly, the NOW gang has endorsed Obama.

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