Monday, September 15, 2008

More On Troopergate: Here it comes

Palin's lawyer: Monegan fired for 'rogue mentality'

Walt Monegan lost his job as public safety commissioner because he resisted Gov. Sarah Palin's budget policies and ultimately showed "outright insubordination," say papers the governor's lawyer filed today with the state Personnel Board.

The filing includes a slew of e-mails from top Palin aides, including one from her budget director, Karen Rehfeld, saying she was "stunned and amazed" that Monegan appeared to be working with a state legislator to seek funding for a project Palin had previously vetoed.

It was Monegan's "rogue mentality" on budgeting and other policy issues that got him fired in July, not his alleged refusal to dismiss a state trooper who was involved in a messy divorce with the governor's sister, the filing says.

That was point one, point two is the following:

The filing includes a July 17, 2007, e-mail Palin sent to Monegan in which Palin complains that a proposal to restrict gun sales to people who make death threats would still allow her former brother-in-law, Trooper Mike Wooten, to carry a gun, despite the Palin family allegation that Wooten once threatened to kill the governor's father.

"Amazing," the e-mail says. "And he's still a trooper, and he still carries a gun, and he still tells anyone who will listen that he will 'never work for that b----' (me) because he has such anger and distain towards my family."

The papers add that even if Palin had asked the public safety commissioner to fire a state trooper "based on documented acts of violence and other improper conduct," that wouldn't violate the state Ethics Act "because the public generally shares a common interest in public order and safety."

The history on Troopergate was written here:

The added fact that Monegan has a history of alleged abuse, falls directly in Palin's favor in that it looks as though she is ridding Alaska of another bad apple.

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