Thursday, September 04, 2008

NBC keeps the Hispanic voter in the dark; Nielsen Numbers

It is common knowledge that Telemundo is widely watched by Hispanics in this country. NBC owns Telemundo. So the question has to be asked why did NBC not cover the speech, thus denying Hispanics the ability to see the speech.

The numbers that came in:

The Sarah Palin speech generated 37.2 million viewers, just a 1.1 million viewers short of Barack Obama’s record-breaking speech on Day 4 of the Democratic Convention. The Palin speech was carried on only six networks while the Obama speech was carried on ten (including BET, TV One, Univision and Telemundo).

Palin attracted a large female audience (19.5 million women, or 4.9 million more than Day 3 of the Democratic Convention).

Ratings for viewers 55+ (25.2) continue to be about ten times higher than for teens (2.2) Day 3 for the GOP attracted more Hispanic viewers (1.4 million) than Day 3 of the Democratic Convention (1.2 million), even though Univision and Telemundo did not carry the speech.

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