Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Sign of the Times?

Dump Biden Rumors: Little to No Obama-Biden Campaign Merchadise Available

There seemed to be plenty of campaign material for Barack Obama, sans Biden. In fact, “Obama-Biden” didn’t seem to be much on display at all in any of the offices.

It’s been nearly a month since Barack Obama named Joe Biden as his vice-presidential pick: what’s the hold-up with the Obama-Biden campaign materials? Why is there almost no Obama-Biden merchandise available?

This is a candidate who’s campaign has planned for this race for months–some would say years.

As was stated, there is no end to the “Only Obama” campaign materials.

Interesting that Biden isn't on the signs. Either the rumor is true and Biden leaves which would be a political bunder, or it goes to show that Obama is about Obama and isn't a team player.

If it's all about Obama, this should tell the people of this country what Obama is about. I haven't checked, but when is the last time have you seen a presidential election where the campaign signs didn't have the V.P. on them?

Update: Interesting Campaign Schedule

Joe Biden

No public events scheduled for the 21st.

[Michelle Obama and Jill Biden have no public events scheduled]

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