Friday, September 12, 2008

Tigers and Bears Oh my: Putin versus Palin

A good read but I'll take the money quotes and put them here on this thread.

Mr Putin recently (apparently) saved the lives of a TV crew when they came within snorting distance of a tiger. The former KGB agent took ownership of the situation and shot the creature with a tranquilliser gun.

Mrs Palin could probably operate a firearm with similar alacrity, winning instant respect from Mr Putin. The two might enjoy more success negotiating the future of Asia Minor while fishing than their diplomats could ever achieve in a fusty conference room. As the first-term governor of the state which borders Russia, she could compare notes on shades of snow and the complexities of arctic drilling.

The Russian leader probably rues the day in 1867 when his country flogged Alaska for two cents an acre. It is in this state that hardy entrepreneurs – and possibly Mr McCain in his search for electoral magic – have struck oil.

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