Sunday, October 05, 2008

Andrew Halcro: You are becoming Boorish

Andrew Halcro likes Andrew Halcro and likes to talk about himself. What Andrew(Andrew let me type (say) this slooooooooooooower so you can understand) forgot is Knowles and Halcro tag-teamed Palin during the debates......

And they both lost. But Halcro likes to give advice:

In every interview they'd asked the same questions; what advice would you give Joe Biden? Be respectful, don't patronize and don't try and show she isn't ready for prime time or you'll look like a bully I'd say.

What advice would you give Sarah Palin? Stay on message and go on the offensive against Obama while being a strong advocate for McCain I'd answer.

Judging from the debates, both candidates did exactly what they needed to do.

Palin needed to put the horrible Katie Couric interviews behind her, shore up her conservative supporters and show some of that gusto that brought her rave reviews after her RNC speech during the Republican Convention; she accomplished that.

Biden needed to show he could answer a question with brevity and sincerity without seeming patronizing; he accomplished that as well.

If the debate had a requirement for both candidates, it was the old doctor's oath of first do no harm. Both candidates did what they needed to do while not harming the top of the ticket.

While Biden clearly won, (both over night polls showed he won by a significant margin) Palin also won by exceeding expectations even though by all accounts they were pretty low going into the debate.

Andrew says Biden won, the polls say so don't you know. Tsk, tsk Andrew, according to the fact checkers, Biden told about 14 lies. It seems Andrew has left the reservation of Halcro's Truth or Consequences.

Andrew don't give up your day job at the rental car business that your dad built. But then again, you might have a career in media. There seems to be a similar pattern with you and the mainstream media.

Metrosexual men like Halcro, Biden and Obama never learn: The Lipstick is just cover.

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