Friday, October 03, 2008

David Brooks and others Write

The Palin Rebound

He is right with respect to Sarah, but these pundits still don't get it.

Then you have another writer who doesn't get it with comments like this:

As the debate wrapped up, I was pulling into a parking lot for an evening speech to a local Democratic club. The person who greeted me shook his head and suggested that Palin had faked-out her critics by weaving a caricature of an airhead. Then, underestimated, the lipstick-wearing pit bull mauled poor Joe Biden.

Could be. The conversation brought to mind the classic film, "The Hustler." The late Paul Newman pretends to be dreadful at pool, and then, with his mark on the hook, clears the table.

Don't look now, Democrats. But you've been hustled.


The only hustle that took place was the hustle done by the mainstream media's attempt to make Sarah something she isn't.

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