Monday, October 13, 2008

Michael Kerr has a plan on keeping his McCain/Palin signs


I've had two sets of yard signs stolen from my front yard in the past week. Last night our Doberman (he's not so tough) starts barking, so I look out the window and see a car stopped in the middle of the street. A guy was getting back in the car and then he drives away. Then I noticed my McCain/Palin and Dino Rossi signs were missing, again.

Here's the thing, we live on a fairly quiet street and you can't really see the signs at night. Obviously someone saw the signs during the day and came back for the signs at after dark. The McCain signs are hard to come by in this state. The campaign is not exactly pouring resources into Washington.

So, I've decided to employ a counter offensive. Today marks the launch of "operation axle grease." The campaign signs are nailed to wooden stakes and those stakes, at least the ones in my yard, are now heavily caked with axle grease. If the thief returns, by the time he gets back in his car he will likely have the stuff on his clothes, his door handle, then the steering wheel, the Birkenstocks, and so on.

Who steals campaign signs? The car I saw was a newer model. These were not kids. The liberals and their tactics never cease to amaze me. I wonder how his new leather interior will look by the time he gets home? I will provide further reports regarding the success of the mission.

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