Sunday, October 05, 2008

More Kwaziness from the Dems:

Wm. Ayers v. Todd Palin: Tales from GBA-Land

In response to Gov. Sarah Palin's invocation of Barack Obama's "terrorist" "pal" William Ayers, Democrats have settled on a rhetorical response that inquires, innocently enough, whether Todd Palin's association with anti-American secessionists is fair game, especially in light of Palin's charge that Obama "is not a man who sees America as you and I do."

This should be fun...... How many times has the AIP bombed someone?

And someone didn't do their vetting......

Aloha, Akaka

A longtime wheelhorse of Hawaii's rusting Democratic machine could lose his U.S. Senate seat because of what happened on the Senate floor Thursday. For six years Sen. Daniel Akaka's signature legislation was a bill that would give Native Hawaiians their own race-based, sovereign government, much as many mainland Indian tribes have. But last week, by a vote of 56-41, the Senate fell short of mustering the needed 60 votes to bring his bill to a formal vote.

Roll Call

A bill to express the policy of the United States regarding the United States relationship with Native Hawaiians and to provide a process for the recognition by the United States of the Native Hawaiian governing entity.

Yeas Biden (D-DE) and Obama (D-IL)

Note to McCain staff: insert comments of Democrats on anti-American secessionist and play it in Hawaii. You just opened offices there, make them pay for themselves...

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