Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Update on exclusive story that is being worked on

As previously posted, I am working on a story that deals with Senator McCain and Governor Palin.

There will be a scheduled outage on blogspot at 8:00 P.M PDT.

For the time being, I am posting documents from the individual that knows of the events in a federal lawsuit in Alaska. McCain helped in getting the Army to release an important investgation and how Sarah Palin interacted with the Anchorage Police Department.

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Roin Boerner said...

It's ok Tom to name the website that lists the story: MakeTheArmyHonest.Com.

And, the Mae Marsh to Colonel David Shutt email exposing Wanita Pressley as the fraud she is and the letter she wrote, submitted to the Patriot Act US Attorney Nelson Cohen that he submitted to Judge John Sedwicks's court a fraud.

Yes folks, as shocking as it is: Bush 43's Alaskan Patriot Act US Attorney Nelson Cohen KNOWINGLY submitted FRAUDULENT evidence into Federal Court in an effort to deprive a 100% SERVICE CONNECTED DISABLED VETERAN John R. Mitchell of his Civil Rights and it took MAVERICK John McCain to force the US Army to release the evidence.

A true American, Patriot, and with Prayers the next President of the United States, JOHN McCAIN!

Thank You Tom for helping us make this injustice known.