Monday, November 17, 2008

US Rebublican Sarah Palin wooed for $11m book deal


Literary agents are queueing to sign Ms Palin to a book deal that could earn her up to $US7 million ($10.8 million), The Australian reports.

With Barack Obama's election victory expected to generate dozens of books from politicians, strategists and journalists - and with another shelfload of memoirs expected from outgoing members of President George W. Bush's administration - Ms Palin's personal account of her tumultuous introduction to US politics is widely regarded as the tale most likely to repay a multi-million-dollar advance.

"She's poised to make a ton of money," said Howard Rubenstein, New York's best-known public relations adviser.

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Clay Bowler said...

The true Audacity of Hope! I look forward to reading it and discovering Palin that is not controlled by McCain and his campaign, after all, my vote was for her. She was the only Republican on the ticket.