Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Who is Zane Henning?

They still are coming out of the woodwork. Zane Henning hits the complaint trail by filing a complaint against Sarah Palin on her use of State of Alaska offices when conducting an interview.

Nothing to see other than he donated to Halcro's campaign.

Speaking of Halcro, he thinks the Republicans should ignore the ignorant. Sounds like good advice to ignore some of those who like to think they are smart.

It is evident Halcro missed the Zogby poll on those who voted for Obama. It seems Halcro is not too smart.

Update: Greta Van Susteren has a poll on her website. It asks is Zane Hanning's complaint serious or silly.

636 voters say it is serious and 10737 voters say it is silly.

Note To Mr. Henning, quit wasting state money on a complaint that has no merit. But then again you donated to Halcro.....The Van Susteren interview was divided in parts and locations. Take note on the questioning that delt with ANWR....


Anonymous said...

Tom, would it make a difference if he donated to Knowles instead of Halcro?

Are you familiar with the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act? You may want to read it before you blather on.

Tom said...

Been there done that.

Like I said, there is nothing to see in Zane Henning's complaint. It is a waste of time.

As was the investigation by Frnech. And for the record, Senator Elton stated that it was not the Legislatuures role to to take action against Palin but the Personel Board. We know the outcome of that was don't we.

When you have a Governor publicly going around talking about ANWR,and enegy policy, she is promting the state's business.

End of story.

And Zane points to himself as a conservative when he donates to Halcro's campaign? Don't think so.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious you didn't read the complaint.

Kenneth said...

The state's Personnel Board are in receipt of his complaint that Palin violated the Ethics Act by conducting non-state business (television interviews that focused on her future political aspirations) in state offices. "I'm worried about the ethical and economic future of our state," said Henning, an oil industry worker and self-described fiscal conservative. "I see her as being profusely dangerous to both."

Tom said...

Kenneth when they rule as they did on the complaint on Wooten what then?

ANWR and energy policies were being discussed and any political aspirations were discussed at the home of Palin.

This was about the Susteren interview.

One who likes to label themselves as a "fiscal conservative" does not make themselves a fiscal conservative. And the same goes for Halcro.

Tom said...

Anon, a good rule of thumb is never make an accusation that you can't back up.

Anonymous said...

Hope Zane is ready to lose his home and everything he owns, I know a group getting ready to litigate him until hell freezes over. I don't think he will have the money for a postage stamp to mail any more complaints.

Val said...

How's things going at Lowe's Tom?