Friday, December 05, 2008

Is T. Boone Pickens a Windbag?

I was watching C-Span last Tuesday and T. Boone Pickens was part of a panel discussing different types of energy. One comment made by him leads me to think that the man has his own agenda when it comes to what I will call windmill farms.

His comment was that there where no wells in ANWR. He is flat out wrong. The link.

In addition, data from wells drilled near the 1002 area became available for the resource study and provided valuable well control, he added.

"I think there are 15-16 additional wells that we had to work with this time that were not available earlier. These are all wells that are within 15-20 miles from the 1002 boundary," Bird said.

Some well data in the area remain proprietary. Bird said the ANWR assessment area includes a 100,000-acre expanse of Native-owned land. An existing 15,000-foot well on that land could have furnished additional data for the resource assessment.

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