Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Andree Mcleod: A Nice Gal But Misguided on the Complaint

Complaints filed against Palin aides

Andree has filed an ethics complaint against the Palin administration and this one will not go anywhere.

I came to know Andree when she, Jake Metcalfe and I ran in a three way race for school board. I found her to be above board on many things and she brought up an issue of Metcalfe flying to Juneau on public money and attending a fundraiser in Juneau at the time.

The issue had some merit with accountability, but nothing became of it in a legal sense.

We have discussed some things that cover an area that is quoted by McAllister in the article on a vendetta.

McAllister says McLeod has cost the state $100,000 in public records requests that have uncovered no wrongdoing. He says "at this point all we have is another complaint by a person with an obvious vendetta."

As Andree continues to make her claims, it is unfortunate that the "vendetta" claim is being tossed out there by the Governor's office. The Governor's office should just address the issue and say the Governor's administration did nothing wrong.

There is no doubt the Andree thinks she is correct on this matter but she is wrong in her thinking.

There were no ethics laws broken. It's that simple.


Anonymous said...

Does she have a vendetta against the Gov's office? I mean, if she doesn't so be it, but if she does, McCallister's claim has merit.

Tom said...

It may have merit but from the PR perspective, it doesn't look good.

Just state the case that alot of money is being wasted and there is no merit to the complaint.

The administration needs to stay above the accusations when it is against a lone individual.

If is is a candidate doing it, save it for them.