Friday, January 23, 2009

Do as I Don't do: Representative Hawker

Representative Hawker on the Alaska Standard wrote a piece titled: Time for a Fiscal Plan. And another piece, it was titled: a Letter to the Governor from a grown up in the House

In both, he was critical of Governor Palin's budget being based on $74.41 dollars per barrel oil.

I always used caution when reading politicians because they will say one thing and do another.

While Rep. Hawker was being critical of Palin this year, Hawker has his own problems with actually making a fiscal plan or being the grown up in the house.

From last year. Link

Rep. Mike Hawker, R-Anchorage, said lawmakers may blame the Finance Committee for a bloated budget but few hesitated to suggest increases in health and social services when he was putting together the department budget earlier this session. "It's very easy to throw rocks at us when it's over, but I'd like to see people stand up and tell us where would they cut a material portion of this budget," Hawker said. "I'd like to see people go on record."

From this year.

Some lawmakers are unhappy with state hiring freeze

House Finance Co-Chairman Mike Hawker, R-Anchorage, said state agencies already are struggling to recruit and retain competent people. He questioned whether Palin's motives are fiscal or political.

"The idea of a hiring freeze in an organization as diverse and sophisticated as Alaska is in my opinion not a good management practice. There are no simple one-size-fits-all solutions," he said.

The freeze appears to carry more symbolic weight than significant savings.

Hawker is not one to criticise Palin on the matter. He is guilty of not cutting the budget himself. And that is his job as House Finance Co-Chairman.

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Anonymous said...

hawker is a joke, if he was smart he would know that the surplus we ran up last year will cover this year and part of the next, by that time, we will be able to reset the budget after seeing the price of oil. Rep. Hawker is out to get some fame on the Palin wagon