Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Dream of Martin Luther King Jr. has Been Mocked by the Obama Presidency

On January 19th 2009, America celebrated the history of Martin Luther King Jr.. On January 20th, one day later, the people of this nation witnessed a man named Barack Obama become president.

A nation’s voting majority and the media, became enablers to a man’s political aspirations and conduct which mocked the very words that were spoken by a black man with a dream.

The dream of Martin Luther King Jr. was:

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

The presidency of Barack Obama mocks those very words that were spoken and there is an irony in that Barack Obama‘s daughters through their father‘s own selfishness, are denied that very dream.

To put it simply, Barack Obama wants to be judged by his race and not his character.

It doesn’t take much to argue the point. All one has to do is look at how Barack Obama has moved among those of like minded individuals for political gain.

We can talk about the 20 years Barack Obama sat in the seats of Reverend Wright’s church and we can talk about the words that were spoken by the Reverend Wright, but those who were enablers to Obama’s political aspirations, state that Obama wasn’t there to hear the bigotry.

A calculated assessment was done by Obama to take the proper course in his political aspirations. Clearly it was politically expedient for Obama to disown the Reverend Wright when the issue started to hurt Obama in the Democratic primaries against Hillary Clinton.

The close relationships that Obama cultivated are found with fanatics like Bill Ayers, a man who was a member in a group of domestic terrorists. Ayers, also a man who can be described as a fanatic who claims a bond to Marxism. But the enablers to Obama’s political aspirations, state that Obama wasn’t palling around with men like Ayers.

Again a calculated assessment was done by Obama to take the proper course in his political aspirations. Obama lied about the relationship to distance himself from the days of palling around with Ayers.

These are just two incidents where Obama’s character was tested and he failed. The last incident that I will talk about will show the true nature of Obama and how far this man was willing to go to become president and how the media has played a role in Obama‘s mockery of King‘s dream.

The media plays the race card

Google “Obama becomes first black US president” and you will see what the media has been pushing through the entire presidential campaign. The race card.

When Obama’s character issues came to light, the shadow of the media’s bigotry was too great and the race card stacked the political deck. The media wasn’t shy about using the race card to try to put guilt into the minds of voters. That has become the job of the media; to push their political agenda.

And that agenda was displayed perfectly on January 20,2009 when Tom Brokaw stated:

Listen, I just want to say one thing. Having been in the South in the '60s and
Los Angeles, in Watts and northern urban areas, when we were evolving as a
country, I'm thinking of all the bigots and rednecks and people I met along the
way. I'm saying to them, "Take this." You know?

Someone needs to tell Brokaw to get in line with the bigots, because he played the race card. For media enablers like Brokaw; IT’S THE CHARACTER STUPID.

Moreover a history lesson for Brokaw. Some of those redneck bigots he talks about were old school Democrats like Robert Byrd. And he was never ousted from the Democrat caucuses.

When it came to the race card, the media saw an opportunity to push their agenda. So did Barack Obama.

Obama Sees His Race As Opportunity

There is an entire generation that will grow up taking for granted that the
highest office in the land is filled by an African American.

Even in this article the media will gloss over Obama’s character when it states:

For his part, Obama is unambiguous in calling himself an African American,
the identity he embraced early on.

Though he has always honored his white mother and grandparents, the young Obama read African American writers and studied the mien of the black guys he encountered on the basketball court.

Honor thy parents and old school

The true character of a man is how he will treat his parents in public. Obama’s father was a black man from Kenya and his mother was a white woman from Kansas. The old school of thought tells us to honor our parents.

When we honor our parents we in effect honor ourselves. The media will say Obama always honored his parents. Not so. Because Barack Obama ignored his own white ethnicity as an adolescent and continued to ignore it as he entered politics.

Barack Obama honored his father’s ethnicity and ignored his mother’s ethnicity by calling himself an African American. The meaning of African American is clear throughout his writings. Some however, have tried to discount Obama’s own words on the matter by suggesting semantics are in play, by saying that his father is African and his mother is American.

What is also clear is people in this nation are questioning Obama’s willingness to emphasis his father’s ethnicity and not his mother’s.

From the previous link from CBS:

"We did not elect our first African American president. Rather, we elected our first biracial president," Douglas Snyder of Bowie wrote in a letter published Saturday in The Post.
There is a sentiment among many people in this nation that consider Obama to be both black and white. These people are the people who are trying to live the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. because they see the equality in Obama‘s ethnicity and honor Obama‘s mother by doing so.

Arguably, many of these people will judge a man or woman by his or her character, not by the color of their skin.

It is hard to say what Martin Luther King Jr. would say about Barack Obama’s presidency. But one thing is for sure, the words that were spoken about the dream of being blind to a man’s race; Barack Obama has shown himself to embrace his race for political gain.

And this nation as a whole, will have to wait for that dream to be realized under a president who is blind to his own race and finds importance in character.

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Anonymous said...

well done, I always thought it was ridiculous that the african american community disliked Republicans, although we can thank Reagan for MLK day and we can thank W, who did more for black people than almost any president. The fact that he IS black should have no bearing on his ability to govern, but to those in which race matters, it did.