Saturday, January 03, 2009

Gangsta and Santa: Flash the sign and do some time

Man Who Flashed Gang Signs on Santa's Lap May Be Deported

Oliva was given a 90-day jail sentence. In addition, he is believed to be a Mexican national and the District Attorney's office says he will be deported.

Uriel Oliva, 18, was arrested when his probation officer spotted a photo of Oliva and several other alleged gang members making gang signs during a visit with Santa at the Village Mall in Orange.

I have some questions here. If the guy has a criminal record, how is it that he was not deported before?

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Clay said...

Why do the taxpayers have to pay for this scum to stay in the country 90 more days. I am a frickin' fed up with the stupidity of our government! This is all designed so the Democrats can stay in power by winning the future votes of illegals aliens who will soon be given amnesty by Pelosi and company.