Sunday, January 04, 2009

An Interesting Read From Josh Painter On Dan Fagan


As to the poll conducted by Dittman, he is the gold standard among pollsters in Alaska. That is an undisputable fact. And the poll Daily Kos uses, is terrible at handling elections in Alaska.

Case in point Ethan Berkowitz versus Don Young. Don Young won. Granted it was a difficult race to predict but nonetheless, Research2000 is not on par with Dittman.

What will be interesting is to see if Senator Lisa Murkowski addresses the poll. She is a contributor to the Alaska Standard. Given the heap of criticism Fagan has put on Murkowski, it is evident that she has the personality to take the political punches and not hold a grudge.

As for the comments by Josh Painter, he is correct. There is definately a look of a tag team effort right now, but as soon as Dan goes back to praising Palin's handling on issues in a way that Dan likes, it will be a one on one.

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