Sunday, January 25, 2009

More Gitmo Updates

A new Pentagon report may complicate Obama's plans for Gitmo.

Still, a few top Obama administration officials have privately acknowledged that the problem of still dangerous detainees at Guantanamo is more worrisome than some of president's campaign statements might suggest. In May 2008, when the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) last prepared a report on released Gitmo detainees who had returned to terrorist activities, it counted the number of recidivists at 37. Among the examples: Mohammed Ismail, one of the "juveniles" at Guantanamo who, upon his release in 2004, had praised his treatment by Americans, saying at a press conference, "They gave me a good time at Cuba." He was recaptured four months later, participating in an attack on U.S. forces near Kandahar, Afghanistan.

"They gave me a good time at Cuba"

By coming up with the quote on the food being bad at Gitmo I was lampooning the pictures in the previous thread. But I got a chuckle out of the real quote that the individual had a good time in Cuba.

So much so he was recaptured.

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