Thursday, January 22, 2009

Palling Around With McCain: A Window Shopper's Nightmare

A book by Palin is on the horizon and I will make a suggestion on the title.

Palling Around with McCain: A Window Shopper's Nightmare.

First, as we found through Ziegler's poll on Obama voters, most of them recognized the media's infatuation with the RNC buying Palin's clothes so it stands to reason the infatuation will continue through the title. Thus Palin can make huge sums of money from them.

Of course buyers remorse would set in as soon as they read the story because it should be a story about how McCain and his staff were ninkinpoops.

Start with Nicole Wallace and an interesting short article about her in the American Spectator.

The story talks about how Frum thinks Wallace was behind the B.S. with Palin and how she was handled poorly.

I agree especially after reading the following article written by her.

Nicole Wallace is now talking about Obama by saying Republicans Get on Board.

No American could watch the inauguration of President Barack Obama this week and not feel pride in the splendor and strength of our democracy. No one watching could miss the drama of this moment of challenge and self-examination for our nation—of seeing a man so well-suited to meet the expectations of the office he fills. The presidency is now within reach for any man who dares to dream big enough. It is no longer an office attainable by members of one race, and, hopefully, in short time, it will no longer be an office available to one gender.

All I can say is; she must be looking for work. And she must need new shoes, a handbag and an outfit for an interview with the Obama express which is one track away from a trainwreck.

One should ask if she and Palin are the same size. Word on the street is the RNC is having a garage sale on women's clothing.

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