Saturday, January 17, 2009

Palling Around With Terrorists: The Media's Tortured Logic on Palin and Obama

During the presidential campaign, Palin made the comments on Obama palling around with Bill Ayers who was considered to be a former domestic terrorist.

She had her critics on the topic.

I got a kick out of the MSNBC nitwit babe's tortured logic of trying to equate Obama's ties with a known domestic terrorist and Palin's cursory relationship with a party who isn't. But that is the mainstream media for you.

Now that Obama is elected who has he chosen for the U.S. Attorney General.

First, to a video that must be shown before going to the news on Holder.

Now a video on the hearings on clemency of the FALN members.

Eric Holder Recommended Pardons of FALN Terrorists Without Ever Talking to Victims - Video 1999

Given that Hatch chaired those hearings back then, this is what Senator Hatch has stated on Holder's nomination. Senator Hatch is a prime example of waffling and is reason why Republicans like him lose.

Sen. Hatch to back Eric Holder for AG

The former Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee will support Eric Holder's nomination for attorney general, giving him a major boost toward confirmation.

Next to Holder and Obama's position on waterboarding... The meat of the story

Will Holder Be Obama's Richardson?

The CIA inflicted enhanced interrogation techniques on at least three detainees, including the mastermind of 9/11, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. The 9/11 Commission report cited his interrogations some 60 times as the basis for key facts revealed regarding al-Qaida.

As the New York Times reported last summer of "the intelligence riches" this master terrorist provided under interrogation, Khalid was at first "especially resistant, chanting from the Koran, doling out innocuous information or offering obvious fabrications."

But then he was water-boarded "100 times over a period of two weeks" and "as time passed, Mr. Mohammed provided more and more detail on Al-Qaida's structure, its past plots and its aspirations."

The CIA and other U.S. government personnel involved in this nasty business, along with the officials of foreign governments who acted as hosts, are heroes, not lawbreakers. As brutally terrifying as repeatedly being subjected to a drowning sensation is, it is not in the same league as what our POWs underwent in locales like imperial Japan and Communist Vietnam, and it should not be classified as torture.

Michelle Malkin has a good write up on the FALN issue.

As you can see, during the presidential election, the media tortured logic and the truth on Palin and Obama.


Anonymous said...

the funniest thing about Todd being in the AIP, is that Hawaii tried to secede a couple years ago, and it was shot down horribly in the senate, two of the only votes- Biden and Obama

Tom said...

You are correct. I am putting together one on MSNBC Pat Buchanan and the Palin rumor on she supported his presidential campaign.