Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Some Get it Some Don't: Palin Gets It

There has been much debate over the leases that Exxon held on to in Point Thomson. Governor Murkowski had started taking the leases back, the reasons were Exxon was not living up to its lease rights.

The Palin administration continued what Murkowski has started. Well a turn of events came about today. The headlines:

Exxon regains two North Slope leases

The meat of the article.

Hoping to hang on to its leases, Exxon last year rolled out a plan to drill wells this winter and start producing by 2014 -- a plan state Natural Resources Commissioner Tom Irwin rejected, saying he couldn't trust Exxon to carry it out.

On Tuesday, however, Irwin made a major policy reversal, issuing a conditional decision allowing Exxon to keep two of the 31 leases at issue on the company's promise to start drilling a pair of wells into those leases right away.

This morning, the state expects to issue Exxon a permit to construct a 50-mile ice road to the remote field on the Arctic Ocean shoreline east of Prudhoe Bay. The road is needed for hauling an enormous drilling rig to the site. The state previously had denied the permit to Exxon.

The Irwin decision has huge impact.

For whatever reason for the change, Palin is starting to get it. And I believe that she is getting advice from people on the Outside and in Washington D.C. that handle political campaigns.

The debut of her political PAC tells me she is getting schooled on the matter.

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