Friday, January 09, 2009

Spiderman, Spiderman

Sarah Palin I Ain't Afraid of You

Well, I will buy it. Why? For my future grandkids. I will be able to show how much of a character Obama is. Will it be worth alot? Don't know, but if Obama tanks on the economy, one thing, he may wind up being the villian and Superman comes along and kicks him to the curb.

Spiderman meets the President Wonkette, is upset about the comic book character not looking like Obama.

Ohh boy. The world is a stage and there are those who share the limelight by standing in the shadow of stupidity.

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Clay said...

I wouldn't buy it. I am not a Stan Lee fan--never have been. This just enforces why I won't go see Spiderman at the theater. I see it more as liberal brainwashing for children. I am sure Kruschev and Hitler can be found in child friendly books as well. I wish peopple would let kids be kids and let them make their own political decisions other than forcing this stuff media that should not be political.