Thursday, February 19, 2009

And I Take this Time Out for a Sexist Comment: Sex Kitten Palin?

Sex Kitten Feminist Sarah Palin Is a Big Media, Internet Draw, Love or Hate Her

It seems Mizzzzzzzzzz Erbe has a thing for Palin...... Wow the left have got Palin under their skin.

It is fun to watch the left and those with PDS killing themselves with stupid statements.

Here is an example of one such idiot at the Seattle Post Intelligencer.

First to this comment:

Palin gave a Lincoln Day speech in Fairbanks last week, likening herself and Alaskans to the Civil War president. Just as Lincoln approved sweeping measures to build roads and railroads, she argued, Alaskans want to develop the same kind of infrastructure and open up federal lands.

Palin didn't liken herself to Lincoln like Obama did. She pointed to the fact that Lincoln believed in building roads, opening lands to build on. And I might add, he was a Republican.

Then the dumbass comes up with this.

This week, however, U.S. District Judge John Sedwick overturned permits for a $374 million Juneau Access Highway, linking Alaska's capital with the interior of the state.

The 50.8-mile access road, long a dream of Alaska boomers, predates the "bridges to nowhere" that became national laughingstocks.

What the idiot forgot was; Palin cancelled the project that Murkowski started.

The laughingstock on this one, is the columnist that wrote the statement. And the real test of a columnist is the ability to responsibly write a column based on sound facts.

The proof is always found in the pudding.

Palin reduces budget by nearly a half billion


RedStatesWelfareStates said...

Too Funny! The post is full of derisive comments about the Newspaper writer needing to get THEIR facts straight??? Pot calling the kettle black there bozo! You link to an $11M contract for concrete grinders that was canceled!! More importantly, Palin says the concrete grinder contract was canceled because it was too early to AWARD the contract!

My guess is with the graft that is prevalent in Alaska, she wants to award it to a buddy!

To date the project has not been canceled according to the State of Alaska's own website...

Nearly $30M has already been spent and if this is anything like the Bridge to Nowhere, Palin will cancel, but will not return the Federal funds!!

Really a simple racket for anyone other than you people!! If Palin does not return the Federal funds for the Bridge to Nowhere is the project truly canceled?

Tom said...

The project was started by Murkowski.

For people like yourself who have a reading problem.

"...But Governor Palin says the highway is not a priority for her administration."

It's in podcats so you can hear it.

USA_Admiral said...

Like the media was not derisive against Gov. Palin? You really need to listen to the podcasts. You seem to have a reading comprehension problem.