Sunday, February 08, 2009

Dog Parks, Pooper Scoopers and the World's Oldest Profession

I wanted to see how many dog parks were asked to be federally funded in this pork bill named Stimulus.

So I did a quick search and I came up with four projects

Over $3.5 million dollars. I expect to see an increase in pooper scooper sales and that is where I would put my money.

Next, I wanted to see about the world's oldest profession, prostitution.

I did a quick search and I came up with one project.

This was in Dayton Ohio; $1.5 million to educate and house prostitutes and zero jobs created.

I did a quick google search and I found the officials in Dayton want to deter prostitution by putting up signs that say "No Prostitution Zones".

This got me to thinking about the stimulus package and job creation.

The goal of this one project in Dayton, is to create job losses in the world's oldest profession, which in turn will lessen the manpower needed (job losses) in the vice department, which in turn will decrease the need (job losses according to Nancy Pelosi's logic) for condoms to be handed out to the prostitutes.

Doesn't sound too stimulating to me.

Talk about getting screwed twice.

First there are those who work in the world's oldest profession getting screwed by politicians, who rank up there as the second world's oldest profession.

The irony is, you had politicians like Eliot Spitzer who was a "weasel" about wearing condoms when having sex with prostitutes.

And to think that Nancy Pelosi wanted to offer up free condoms as part of the job creation bill, when you had Democrat politicians like Eliot Spitzer acting like a "weasel" about wearing them.

Folks, no matter how you look at it, everyone including people who work in the world's oldest profession are going to get screwed by the passage of this stimulus package.

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