Tuesday, February 17, 2009

King of Pork: Barack Hussein Obama

The story behind the photo (I am thinking about setting up a webcam (smile)) is my friend was telling me about a Pietrain pig that was being sold for $350.00. Now keep in mind I have never farmed animals and I grew up in the city. But I decided to buy the guy and use him as my own stimulus package; to produce more pork.

So now it is my understanding, according to my friend who has one York gilt and one Russian Duroc gilt, Barack Hussein Obama has been busy making pork.

Now the reason I named him Barack Hussein Obama is:

1. He is king of pork.

2. He is black and white spotted.

3. He is slim as pigs go.

4. And he is a Christian pig as opposed to being a Muslim pig which by the way would be against the Islamic faith.

I am feeling rich already.......

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