Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Plays to Jindal's Message and not Enough to the Messenger

H/T Gateway Pundit

In the video below (start at 3:50 into video), Limbaugh makes a big blunder. He contradicts himself. He states that the person must inspire but states that we spent too much time on style and not enough substance.

The reason why the Republican party is where it is at is because the conservative message had not found the right messenger. That is the reality.

The story of the Emperor Has No Clothes comes to mind when Rush is talking about Jindal's style and ability to inspire people to believe in a message.

Reagan had style and inspired people. Palin has style and inspires people.

And both have substance. You need both style and substance and Jindal didn't have "it". There is a reason why the phrase the "Messenger killed the Message" exists.

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